[peʀipl ]
nom masculin
  1. The Journey.

The journey is about wanderlust passion, love and living with tenacity. Chasing dreams, love and life itself. The lifestyle of Le Pèriple is smiling in the face of the sun, feminine beauty, bright colours, luxurious textures, gracing white sandy beaches, dancing until dawn and living wholeheartedly with no regrets.

Le Pèriple is Australia’s newest eco-friendly swimwear label founded by two women with a vision and prerogative to create unique and luxurious swimwear pieces using the world’s leading sustainable fabrics.

Fabrics from Repreve and Carvico which are made by recycling plastic bottles and abandoned fishing nets are introduced in a move to embrace both sustainability and high-end design in creating what is the debut range ‘Chapter One’ for Le Pèriple.

Inspiration is drawn from the experiences of two women living their journey, highs and lows, living fearlessly and embarking on building their dream - the mission of this label straightforwardly is to create beautiful pieces in a sustainable fashion whilst inspiring women and celebrating femininity.